dir. Piotr Mularuk

The film ‘Yuma’ (2012) is a cinema début film from Piotr Mularuk. The story is set in the beginning of the 1990s, in a border town, where many people still live as if it was the previous century.

Zyga (played by Jakub Gierszał) is a boy, who comes from one of such families. Persuaded by his aunt (Katarzyna Figura), he and a group of his friends become involved in theft. ‘Juma’ is a Polish slang word used to refer to a type of petty theft of high value goods in Germany and then trafficking them across the Polish border, seen as a form of ‘reparations’ for destroying Poland during WWII. It is not long before Zyga discovers he is a very skilled thief, which makes him a king of the local criminal underworld. This attracts the attention of both Russian gangsters and the police.

The title ‘Yuma’ offers two additional meanings, which merge throughout the film. One is the name of a famous American prison, which was opened in 1875, in Arizona, and the other a reference to the famous Western film ‘3:10 to Yuma’ directed by Delmer Daves, in 1957.  Zyga is a great fan of Western films.

The film won the Audience Award at the “The Young and Cinema” Koszalin Debut Film Festival (2012), a honorary mention of the Young Jury at the Cottbus Film Festival (2012), and also a Critics Award at the Polish Film Festival in America, which is held in Chicago.

The film was shot on locations in Krosno Odrzańskie, where the film also had its world première, and at the train station in Żagań.

In ‘Yuma’, we can also see a performance from Ireneusz Kozioł, who was born in Zielona Góra.

Information on the film


Poland, 2012, 108′

Directed by: Piotr Mularuk
Screenplay: Piotr Mularuk, Wojciech Gajewicz
Cinematography: Tomasz Dobrowolski, Jacek Podgórski, Paweł Dyllus
Music: Jan P. Muchow
Produced by: Yeti Films, Evolution Films
Cast: Jakub Gierszał, Katarzyna Figura, Tomasz Kot, Jakub Kamieński, Karolina Chapko, Helena Sujecka, Kazimierz Mazur, Tomasz Schuchardt , Ireneusz Kozioł, and others.