Sulechów is a town located within the area of three landscape complexes, namely: the Middle Oder River Valley, the Torzym Plain, and the Łagowskie Lake District. The town forms the so-called Lubuskie Tri-City, together with Zielona Góra and Nowa Sól.

The early beginnings of Sulechów date back to the era of the Piast dynasty, since the settlement was part of the Polish state under the rule of Mieszko I. It was granted its borough rights in the 14th Century. The town saw its development during the modern period from the 16th Century to the 17th Century, when it became a centre for trade, craft, and weaving. It gained its fame during the Enlightenment era, when the Royal Pedagogium was established there, back in 1766. The town had a taste of its “golden period” at the beginning of the 19th Century, which saw investments on a large scale made in the establishing of a water and sewage system that contributed to a higher standard of living for the residents. During that time, a number of architecturally advanced buildings were erected, including, for example, a sports arena, a starosty building, or an indoor (covered) market.

Sulechów is a birthplace of Iwona Katarzyna Pawlak, who played the role of Justyna Orzelska, in the film adaptation of the novel ‘Nad Niemnem’ penned by Eliza Orzeszkowa.

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