Maciej Kozłowski

Maciej Kozłowski is a brilliant Polish theatre, film, and television actor. He was born on 8th September, 1957, in Kargowa, situated in the District of Zielona Góra.
In 1984, he graduated from the Acting Department of the Lodz Film School. A year earlier, in September 1983, he had his stage début in the play ‘Raport z oblężonego miasta / Report from the Besieged City’ directed by Lech Raczak. The play was staged by the so-called Teatr Ósmego Dnia (“Ósemka”), which was one of the most committed theatres in Poland and a symbol of the student counter-culture in the 1960s.
Throughout his career, Maciej Kozłowski has worked for many first-class theatres in Poland, namely: Teatr Nowy in Poznań (in the years 1983-1988) and STUDIO Theatre Gallery (in the years 1988-1991). In the meantime, was also part of Zespół Teatralny Janusza Wiśniewskiego (Janusz Wiśniewski Theatre Group). In 1988, he decided to start a permanent cooperation with the National Theatre in Warsaw.

His television début was an episodic role of the courtier in the TV series ‘Królowa Bona’ (1980) directed by Janusz Majewski. Three years later, in 1983, he made his proper début on the big screen in the film ‘Wedle wyroków twoich… / After Your Decrees’ directed by Jerzy Hoffman.
That same year, he was also cast as one of the leading characters in the film ‘Nie było słońca tej wiosny / There Was No Sun That Spring’ and also played in the graduation film ‘Mgła / Fog’ directed by Adam Kuczyński. In 1985, he was cast as Benko in the historic TV series ‘Przyłbice i kaptury / Visors and Hoods’ directed by Marek Piestrak. In 1987, he played in the comedy ‘Kingsajz / King Size’ directed by Juliusz Machulski, which is now considered a ‘cult classic.’

Thanks to his roles in such films as ‘Kroll’ (1991) and ‘Psy / Pigs’ (1992), both directed by Władysław Pasikowski, in ‘Miasto prywatne / Private Town’ directed by Jacek Skalski, in ‘Kiler’ (1997) directed by Juliusz Machulski, in ‘Ostatnia misja / The Last Mission’ (1999) directed by Wojciech Wójcik, or in ‘To ja, złodziej / It’s Me, the Thief’ (2000) directed by Jacek Bromski, the actor’s specialisation became the roles of villains.
Nonetheless, his unique acting skills helped him create great many roles that were both out-of-the-box and genuinely captivating. He was cast in the war drama ‘Schindler’s List’ (1993) directed by Steven Spielberg, which was awarded with seven Academy Awards and three Goldeb Globes, in the costume drama ‘Ogniem i mieczem / With Fire and Sword’ (2000) directed by Jerzy Hoffman, in ‘Wiedźmin / The Hexer’ (2001) directed by Marek Brodzki, in ‘Stara baśń. Kiedy słońce było bogiem / The Old Fairy Tale: When the Sun Was God’ (2003) directed by Jerzy Hoffman, in ‘Świadek koronny / The State Witness’ (2007) directed by Jarosław Sypniewski, or in ‘Generał Nil’ (2009) directed by Ryszard Bugajski, the latter of which portrays the life of General August Emil Fieldorf.

He also owned his popularity to a number of very powerful characters created in television series, for example as gangster Waldemar, nickname ‘Łysy’ in the TV series ‘Matki, żony i kochanki / Mothers, Wives and Lovers’ (1995, 1998) directed by Juliusz Machulski, the cynical Waldemar Jaroszy in ‘M jak miłość’ (in the years 2002-2010), or Roman Kraus, nickname ‘Szybki,’ leader of the so-called Pruszków Gang, in the TV series ‘Odwróceni’ (2007).
Maciej Kozłowski was also cast in the television production ‘39 i pół’ (2008-2009) filmed on various locations, including Zielona Góra.

Maciej Kozłowski was also committed to sport, as a member of the Polish Actors Representation in football. It was also thanks to his efforts that the football team participated in the football tournament Homeless World Cup in Edinburg, in 2005.

In 2004, he was awarded the Honorary Citizen of his hometown, Kargowa.
He died on 11th May, 2010, in Warsaw.

Selected Filmography

1980 – Królowa Bona, dir. by Janusz Majewski (TV series)
1983 – Nie było słońca tej wiosny / There Was No Sun That Spring, dir. by Juliusz Janicki
1983 – Mgła / Fog, dir. by Adam Kuczyński
1983 – Wedle wyroków twoich… / After Your Decrees, dir. by Jerzy Hoffman
1985 – Przyłbice i kaptury / Visors and Hoods, dir. by Marek Piestrak (TV series)
1987 – Kingsajz / King Size, dir. by Juliusz Machulski
1988 – Pogranicze w ogniu / Borderland on Fire, dir. by Andrzej Konic (TV series)
1990 – Ucieczka z kina “Wolność” / Escape from the ‘Liberty’ Cinema, dir. by Wojciech Marczewski
1990 – Superwizja / Supervision, dir. by Robert Gliński
1990 – Mów mi Rockefeller / Call Me Rockefeller, dir. by Waldemar Szarek
1991 – Kroll, dir. by Władysław Pasikowski
1992 – Szwadron / The Squadron, dir. by Juliusz Machulski
1992 – Psy / Pigs, dir. by Władysław Pasikowski
1993 – Lista Schindlera / Schindler’s List, directed by Steven Spielberg
1993 – Pora na czarownice / A Time for Witches, dir. by Piotr Łazarkiewicz
1993 – Balanga / The Bash, dir. by Łukasz Wylężałek
1995 – Nic śmiesznego / Nothing Funny about Life, dir. by Marek Koterski
1995-1998 – Matki, żony i kochanki / Mothers, Wives and Lovers, dir. by Juliusz Machulski (TV series)
1995 – Drzewa / Trees, dir. by Grzegorz Królikiewicz
1996 – Wirus / Virus, dir. by Jan Kidawa-Błoński
1997 – Kiler, dir. by Juliusz Machulski
1998 – Ekstradycja 3, dir. by Wojciech Wójcik (TV series)
1999 – Ostatnia misja / The Last Mission, dir. by Wojciech Wójcik
1999 – Ogniem i mieczem / With Fire and Sword, dir. by Jerzy Hoffman
1999 – Na koniec świata, dir. by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
2000 – To ja, złodziej / It’s Me, the Thief, dir. by Jacek Bromski
2001 – Wiedźmin / The Hexer, dir. by Marek Brodzki
2001 – Na dobre i na złe (TV series)
2002-2010 – M jak miłość (TV series)
2003 – Stara Baśń. Kiedy słońce było bogiem/An Ancient Tale: When the Sun Was a God, dir. by Jerzy Hoffman
2004 – Czwarta władza, dir. by Witold Adamek (TV series)
2004-2005 – Oficer / The Officer, dir. by Maciej Dejczer (TV series)
2006 – Oficerowie (TV series), dir. by Maciej Dejczer (TV series)
2007 – Świadek koronny / The State Witness, dir. by Jarosław Sypniewski
2007 – Odwróceni (TV series)
2008-2009 – 39 i pół (TV series)
2009 – Generał Nil, dir. by Ryszard Bugajski





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