Joanna Brodzik

Actress Joanna Brodzik was born on 11th January, 1973, in Krosno Odrzańskie.
She attended a primary school in Lubsko and graduated from a secondary school in Zielona Góra. In 1996, he graduated from the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.
In 1995, she performed on a theatre stage for the first time in the play ‘Kabaret modernistyczny’ directed by Wiesław Komosa, which premièred at the theatre of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art. That same year, she also performed in the stage play ‘Cyd / Le Cid’ directed by Zofia Kucówna. Throughout her career, she worked for many Warsaw-based theatres, such as: Capitol, Komedia, Syrena, Wola, or Scena Prezentacje.

In 1996, she was cast for the first time in a full-length film, which was ‘Dzień wielkiej ryby / The Day of the Great Fish’ directed by Andrzej Barański. In the successive years, she appeared in ‘Złoto dezerterów / Deserter’s Gold’ (1998) directed by Janusz Majewski, in ‘Ogniem i mieczem / With Fire and Sword’ (1999) directed by Jerzy Hoffman, or in ‘Pianista / The Pianist’ (2002) directed by Roman Polański. Nonetheless, one of the most important film characters ever created by Joanna Brodzik is considered to be Sygita Barczuk in the film ‘Jasne błękitne okna / The Skylights’ directed by Bogusław Linda – a truly unique performance. The role brought her an award at Wakacyjne Kadry Film Festival in Cieszyn, and at the Madrid International Film Festival.

Joanna Brodzik owns her greatest popularity to her numerous roles in Polish television productions.
Her career in television started in 1997, when she was cast in the TV series ‘Klan.’ However, it was her performance in the comedy series ‘Kasia i Tomek’ (2002-2003), in which she created a comedy duo with her film partner Paweł Wilczak, that became a turning point in her career. In recognition of the role, she was awarded the Wiktor Award of the Polish Television Academy, in 2004. The role of lawyer Magda Miłowicz in the TV series ‘Magda M.’ (2005-2007), in which we follow the ups and downs in the life of the title character, was recognised with another prestigious award – the Telekamera Award, in 2007. Among the best television roles of Joanna Brodzik, we can also list her performances in the TV series ‘Nad rozlewiskiem’ (2009) and its many sequels, namely ‘ Miłość nad rozlewiskiem’ (2010), ‘Nad rozlewiskiem’ (2012), ‘Cisza nad rozlewiskiem’ (2013-2014), and ‘Pensjonat nad rozlewiskiem’ (2017-2018). Film critics considered her roles in the mentioned five television productions to be the most important ones in her television career.
More recently, the actress played Anita Żakowska in the television series ‘Receptura’ (2021). She was also cast in the TV series ‘Misja’ that premièred in June 2021.

In 2015, Joanna Brodzik started Fundacja “Opiekun Serca” (a foundation) and also became its president. The goal of the foundation is to help the disable people in various aspects of their everyday lives. The foundation carries out a lot of different projects, for example Festiwal Prezentacje Wokalne Dzieci i Młodzieży Specjalnej Troski (a festival aimed at presenting vocal talents of special care children and young people), the ‘UnCover’ music project aimed at the people under the care of the foundation, and the #GraZamiana project aimed at changing the social perspective on disabilities.

Joanna Brodzik is a honorary citizen of Lubsko and an ambassador of Lubusz Province.


Selected Filmography:

1996 – Dzień wielkiej ryby / The Day of the Great Fish, dir. by Andrzej Barański
1998 – Złoto dezerterów / Deserter’s Gold, dir. by Janusz Majewski
1999 – Ogniem i mieczem / With Fire and Sword, dir. by Jerzy Hoffman
2002 – Pianista / The Pianist, dir. by Roman Polański
2002-2003 – Kasia i Tomek (TV series)
2005-2007 – Magda M. (TV series)
2006 – Jasne błękitne okna / The Skylights, dir. by Bogusław Linda
2009 – Dom nad rozlewiskiem (TV series)
2012 – Nad rozlewiskiem (TV series)
2013-2014 – Cisza nad rozlewiskiem (TV series)
2017-2018 – Pensjonat nad rozlewiskiem (TV series)
2021 – Receptura (TV series)
2021 – Misja (TV series)